Ingredients: strawberries & blueberries, tortillas, Greek vanilla yogurt, honey, ground cinnamon, butter or coconut oil

Step 1: Use the butter or oil to coat one side of tortillas, then sprinkle on the ground cinnamon so it sticks.

Step 2: I mix together the honey and yogurt and spread a layer of it inside of the tortilla.

Step 3: Chop the berries and add on top of the yogurt-honey mixture… Then roll up!

Step 4: I cut the rolls into halves and then place them on a plate and then put in to the freezer. Once frozen.. Place them in a freezer friendly storage option.

I found a similar recipe like this when I was pregnant with my first son. This literally takes minutes to make! You can make plenty and keep frozen for the whole week even. We love to grab these out of the freezer on a quick morning or even summer afternoon snack.

Get creative! Use different yogurts..different fruits.. whatever is clever

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