Most days, I totally feel like ordering a pizza and calling it a day when it comes to cooking…and sometimes I do…. But….

These simple swaps are quick and easy too


“Kid Kabobs”-instead of lunchables 


Toothpicks…then add veggie, fruit, cheese and serve with organic crackers and baby pickles

Ninja Turtle Popsicles” –instead of regular Popsicles 


Blend a few fruit choices and pack with veggies and chia seeds..our favorites are mango, kale, celery, spinach, yogurt, coconut milk, juice, cucumber….don’t use too much fruit or juice so sugars are low…

Yogurt Bowls”-instead of ice cream

yogurt, berries & honey ..toppings could be coconut chips, almonds, granola..or freeze too!


Mango Matcha Green Tea”-instead of more soda

mix and make your matcha or regular green tea bag, then add fresh mango slices and honey & shake ..then add ice!

Apples and Nut Butter”-instead of chips and dip


•simple, slice apple with Apple slicer and use a nut butter for dip

Dark chocolate and veggie/fruit” -instead of candy 


a few pieces of dark chocolate and fruit cures a major sweet tooth when you need the fix

***friendly reminder…it’s about balance..we still have busy days or weeks even!! But these kinds of things help with that and make you feel like you earned that junk food when it is around

Much love,


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