So, I love clay pots. Even in their plain color, I think they are lovely to have around the home. But with Spring & Summer colors everywhere we go now, I felt inspired to bring some colors into our little succulent garden we are working on. I also am in the middle of getting an herb garden going but more on that and those pots later ;)…Here are some the recent pots I worked on this past weekend and I’ll have more ideas coming soon!

What you’ll need…

  • Paints
  • Paint Brushes
  • Washcloth
  • Clay Pots
  • Plants of Choice

1. Summer Themed Pots

•This was so simple..make sure pots are nice and clean. 

•Then do a few layers of your desired colors using medium sized paint brush for the base of pot and a smaller size brush for the rim. 

•You can tape off the sections to get very precise lines but I feel like they came out pretty without it still.. 

• I used gold for the rim of the pot & a themed color scheme for the base, then used the same color scheme on the rim and base of the plate too. 

•I chose colors I already had on hand but felt like they came out pretty trendy with a lot of stuff I am seeing now! So choose whatever color scheme speaks to you!

2. Farmhouse Style

So here I chose to have a more farmhouse themed set of pots to be a little more neutral.

•Now I am not a precise person…I literally slapped some white acrylic paint onto the pot with a brush in various spots. 

•Then I took an old rag and smeared the color around to get the messy but lovely look. Do this for the pot and the plate.

•Then for the little chalkboard pot I just used a paint brush and completely covered it in the chalk paint. 

•Chalk paint comes in various colors..but I had black on hand and had messed this pot up a bit so it turned into a chalkboard one to save its life….

•It also has some cute rub on transfer prints of veggies but pictures don’t really do justice at all! 

• You can label a chalk painted pot with whatever herb or plant you decide to put inside. I can never write well with chalk..but you get the idea lol 

So easy and fun to do! It’s a cheap & cute way to decorate too!

These were not all the pots I did, so stayed tuned for more ideas later babes! Hope you enjoyed & let me know what you think!

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