We are all guilty of waiting till the last minute to plan events! But let this be heard…don’t mess up Mother’s Day! If you’re like me, then this is better than your birthday! It is a day to truly celebrate my greatest gifts of all, my children. So here are 5 Simple Ways to show Momma lovin…

  1. Breakfast in Bed… if this is an option definitely do this. Us mommas are always jumping out of bed to serve others..so let her stay in her pjs while you handle business, like the boss she is every day!
  2. Clean Her House..like really. Clean it. Most moms just want a break from the busy, so this will keep a smile on her face for days. Clean that house and set out some fresh flowers & candles for her to enjoy!
  3. Explore Her City…most cities set up events in honor of mothers. So check your local events or just take her out for fun around town…think local coffee, local shopping or lunch!
  4. Picnic in the Park…this is nice because the kids will be entertained while she gets some extra downtime. It can even pass as a fancy luncheon…think tea sandwiches, macaroons & honey lemonade! Bring along a lovely blanket and her favorite books or magazines. 
  5. Make Momma Dinner & Look At Photos… my children love looking at their personal scrapbooks. So make a scrapbook with her, get out old photos to flip through or create a slideshow. Do this with the kids after dinner. This helps get kids involved. They can tell mom just how much they enjoyed these special memories & love their life! A perfect way to end Mother’s Day!

So there you have it! 5 ways to show Mama Bear you care! Young kids can even lend a helping hand in these things too! Brownie Points if you have them make her a card. Happy Mother’s Day to all!! Much Love! 

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