If you love a good wrap for lunch..you are in the right place, my friend…

Now, the key to having quick & easy lunch options is always…. meal prepping!! We like to prep up meat that can be ready for any kind of meal choice that week. For instance, grill up chicken, steak, ground beef and store in fridge to eat over the next few days. We like to make sure the meat is juicy and tender so it can withstand being heated up.

But today we felt like a wrap would do the body good and boy, it was good alright..so here is another healthy lunch that packs protein so you can refuel and feel good about it!

  • Spicy Feta + Steak Wrap

Ingredients –

  • Spicy Steak strips (fresh or prepped..we grill our steak in spices to pack a flavor punch…reheat on stovetop if meal prepped)
  • Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
  • Feta Cheese
  • Arugula
  • Whole wheat tortilla shell or shell of choice

Once your steak is ready, spread the hummus onto the tortilla shell, sprinkle the Feta cheese throughout, add steak & arugula…done!

Other great toppings would be tomato, diced pepper or whatever you desire!

Again, meal prepping has been a favorite of ours for years…you can just grab and go! Especially with little kiddos around.. having meat ready and veggies prepped will have you reaching for the healthier options!

This will be ready within minutes. The hubby even loved it!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to sacrifice much if you just choose the right ingredients. Make sure your opting for natural spices for flavor and just use sparingly on the things like cheeses, sauces…

Be mindful of your ingredients. Everything doesn’t have to be labeled organic but it should be real food!

Bon Appétit!

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