I am so excited to launch some new features for each week and I want to kick things off with my Tuesday Ten!!! There are so many things I can’t wait to share. But First….Let’s get started with 10 Things To Do With Toddlers..

These items are all on major sale too!! And most items are less than $10!!

I have been doing a little preschool prep for my children at home..and honestly, we are having a blast with it. Sometimes we get so consumed with having to go places that we get lost just trying to have fun at home.

I keep my house full of games, puzzles & just about every toy Melissa and Doug has to offer…Seriously. But I wanted to share some of the things we do to keep busy on rainy days or something we spend time in the morning doing to establish rules they may have in the future, such as taking turns, problem solving or even just using imagination.

So take a look friends!!

The possibilities are endless with this kit. And the best part is my kids adore it. We have so much fun playing some of the games and it really does get them excited for school. They even call me teacher as we play along.. I mean c’mon..how cute?! There’s bingo, family identifying, patterns, math, hide and seek, motor skills, abc identifying practice and so much more. Take a look here.. We love it!

  • Crayola Washable Kids Paint & Shaped Sponges

We found these at Target one day and have loved them ever since. I don’t have to go nuts worrying about stains and they have fun getting messy. The paint really does wipe right up! We picked up dinosaur shapes and have created so many dino lands since then!
Purchase here.. And here!!

  • DIY Kinetic Sand Dino Dig and Bug Discovery

We love this sand. Now depending on the child, this can be really relaxing or messy. But lay a blanket down or play in a designated area. We like to dig for dinos, make a beach or plant plastic flowers to make a fun little garden too. Take a look here…And here..

  • Tye Dye Kit

We made a shirt for each of us this summer and they love them. So adorable. I did all the handiwork but they got to pick their colors and designs. I like this oneWe wear them as soon as they are clean. They are so excited to wear what they created.

  • DIY Habitat Learning Play

The kids really love this. I picked up a box of all different animals and they have so much fun setting up scenes using things around the house like blankets and pieces from other toys. They tell me different facts they learned about each animal. We chose this set here…

  • Sticker Scenes

We have many sticker books. We love the Dover Little Activity Books. They are so cheap and the options are endless. They color scenes and get to sticking! We create safaris, monsters, ice cream parlors, bakeries and so much more.
Shop Amazon here for so many options!Less than $2 for each set!!

  • Target Dollar Spot Activities

I have bought so many of these items over the years. And this year I had to pick up more. Every year before school starts they dedicate a whole section to cute learning activities for kids of all ages. We love learning to handle money, count, read, spell……head to Target and stock up now!!

  • Magnetic Learning

They love to set up their magnets on cupcake pans and baking sheets. They can carry it around and it can distract them while I’m trying to cook myself! I love these Melissa and Doug sets..

  • Indoor Camping

As a lover of the outdoors I have stocked up on many toys to get the kids interested too. We pretend to roast marshmallows under the “stars”, play magnetic fishing games and build a tent among many other things. I found so many toys here on Amazon!!

  • DK my first/First Words Flash Cards

These cards have been my absolute favorite. I came across them on Amazon, not even noticing the true size of them. These cards are bigger, durable and there are creative suggestions on the back of each one to get kids talking and explaining objects. They love the touch and feel aspect too. Hurry, these are on sale here for less than $5!!

There you have it guys! Our favorite ways to practice skills, have fun and learn at the same time. I promise you’ll love these. Get to playing with your kiddos and they will soon pick it up and love these too. I use these items daily. Have a wonderful night all and let me know what you think!

2 responses to “10 Things To Do With Toddlers At Home…”

  1. kellynotkatie Avatar

    I love the tie-dye kit idea!! My sister and her family are moving to my town next week, and I’ve been trying to think of activities I can do with my 2 little nephews. This would be a hit!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jill Avatar

      Yes! They will love it. I think I am going to do a new tye dye every year now. My sons, ages 3 & 4, adore all of these things!


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