This most recent party I planned was one of my favorites. So many cute ideas that can easily be used for the upcoming holiday gatherings!

I have had a blast the past few months! My daughter turned two and just so much going on as a family. We have really taken steps to just lay back and enjoy the small moments as a family. And we love to celebrate birthdays here!

I have always been a fan of brunches & lunches for my friends growing up. My best friend and I would go all out, even on a Saturday morning after a night of mayhem in our younger years. Plus party planning just runs in my blood. So I love that I get to channel that enjoyment into my own children’s parties now.

They get to help with the crafts, the baking and so much more. The end results and their pure fascination with it, is bliss and worth the busyness.

My little cutie loves Tinkerbell, so she had a spread that was fit for a fairy. It was such a fun variety of flavors and so many things to try.

The Food: Bite Size Appetizers, Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives, Cheese & Meat Plates, Fruit Kabobs, Mini Pancake & Berry Bites..

Mini PB&J Shapes Bites, Local Popcorn & Cheeseballs in Bags, S’mores Snack mix, Veggies Tower with Buffalo Dip, Cramberry Cinnamon Apple Dip, Ranch Dip & Crackers

The Dessert: Mint Chocolate Chip Icing cupcakes, Strawberry Vanilla Cake and cupcakes (the best I have had, no joke)

The Crafts: Wooden Tinkerbell Fairy Wands, pompom ball toothpicks for appetizer bites & “You are Loved” pumpkins, Butterfly Banner

The Drinks: Water, Lemonade, Soda & Berry Bellinis

Decor: things I already owned around house, like flowers, vines and wooden platters, lace tablecloth & photo frame from her room with free print out

It was so much fun! The food was so good and the kids loved it. Check local produce and deli and just pick variety of fruits & veggies, along with fun dips to try. The deli should have lots of cheeseballs and meats like prosciutto, salamis & more to add to your spread.

The blue cheese stuffed olives I found in my local super store and they were amazing! A lot of places have good stuffed olives.

I used a lot of Anthropologie bowls, wooden serving platters & decor I already had around my house. So the woodland fairy theme came together nicely!

I also had a play station set up for boys and girls. There was a pink fairy table & pirate table with crafts my kids made & party favors. But I got too busy to remember those pictures! And a drink station that I loved. But again, I was too wrapped up in my cutie and it was so rainy so pics didn’t have good lighting!

The crafts…were so simple

Wands– wooden dowels, hot glue gun, ribbon, bells & stuffing…

-Cut desired shape and glue together (I chose heart shapes) , leaving a little hole to poke the stuffing into..

-Insert wooden dowel and glue the hole shut once stuffed

-Tie a ribbon onto the dowel just below the shape, tie an additional piece of ribbon that has the bell on it to the dowels and glue the knots on ribbon to dowel.

I added a little Pom Pom ball to mine to resemble Tink’s similar little fluffs. I also plan to make a Christmas themed one too so stay tuned!

Pom Pom Toothpicks -Pom Pom balls and toothpicks

Simply insert the toothpick into the Pom Pom ball. Then use as utensils for the bite size cheeses and meats like picture. Also to stack mini pancakes etc… cost $2 total & made a ton! So cute too.

“You are Loved” Pie Pumpkin for decorating craft to take home- pumpkins, tags and twine, stamp & paint

Take tag and just stamp your desired message and paint choice onto gift tag, then tie to pumpkin stem. I get my paint and stamps from Hobby Lobby and many to choose from.

– decorate with glitter, stickers and more at the party for a project the kids will enjoy.

Then they can take it all home!

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