New Year is becoming my new favorite holiday. I freaking love self reflection. This time of year is filled with people looking to improve themselves. Nothing wrong with that…



  hours  minutes  seconds


YOUR New Year

But what I really want everyone to focus on is simply enjoying who they are and what they have already!

Gratitude for who you are is so empowering.

We constantly are comparing our lifestyles, fitness, success… but are we really happy where we are Right Now? I am taking a look at myself and loving who I am.

All the emotional damage….all the stretch marks….all the imperfections…. it makes me

At the end of the year, I do like to take a look at what is serving me and what is not. Sometimes, it will be my own fears in my way. Other times, it will be others standing in the way. The point is to see how we are truly treating ourselves and who/what we are surrounding ourselves with. Are we constantly speaking down to ourselves? Are we truly living the life we want?? Are we staying in toxic situations??

We all have goals. We all have setbacks. We all doubt if we are living the best versions of ourselves. At times, I am sure we are not. And at other times, I bet we are pretty dang close to being right where we want to be.

Some people really do have it alright for the most part and that is great! But there are others who do not… and it is time to normalize that.

Why do we have to pretend to have it all together when we do not? The global perfectionism movement is happening right now. Most of it, I truly adore. The lifestyle changes, the striving for happiness, living with less… but the other downside is feeling guilty when things aren’t coming up roses. Or our weight isn’t great or skin isn’t clear…

Let’s start creating the lives we want and allowing Grace when goals aren’t met. It is perfectly normal and a part of life to have failures. The point is to keep trying and keeping living with gratitude.

Sadly, I have had major setbacks the last year. The biggest setback was realizing how many toxic situations I was still in. The way I was allowing people to treat me was disturbing. I honestly wasnt fully aware of it for awhile. It took many comments for it to finally click that my situation was not a good one. I am not talking one avenue of life either…My marriage, certain family, jobs, friends, church support groups, therapy….I mean I was hit with a whammy of a year. Putting my eggs in a lot of wrong baskets…but also taking accountability for that myself.

So, I have been privately reflecting on how to improve all of these areas. For one, I am no longer going to be in groups where there is no real support. It is a waste of time. I will not allow frenemies in my inner circle. I am no longer going to keep trying to fix issues with people who do not want to truly fix anything. I am going to be my biggest cheerleader… and support others ..who also love to support me too.

This coming year, I am going to love who I already am. While eating healthier and working out more of course ;)…

I am on a journey to remember who I am actually. The idea started while I was visiting family over Thanksgiving break. It was the first time most of us had been able to celebrate together in years. My parents were getting rid of their hard-copy photos. So naturally, they were going to be given to us kids. As I looked through all the photos, I began to feel so emotional. Could’ve been the PMS…but either way…I was reminded of all the good I had in my life and all the great things I have already accomplished. I had let others opinions of me define me for so long. I forgot how proud of myself I was. I was made to feel guilty if I did feel respect for myself.

&&& Why have I taken a back seat to my own life???? Why have I tried so hard to shove myself into places that do not appreciate me for so long?? Why am I trying to be friends and have relationships with people who aren’t treating me right?? Think about this for yourself too. Breakups with anyone/anything do not have to me messy. Just simply do not make time for what does not serve you this year. Kindly walk away with love. Allow yourself to grow.

Dont buy into anything that doesnt feel genuinely like you this coming year either!! Figure out who you are and what makes you truly relaxed and feel content/happy. And forgive yourself & others when the issues come along. That is true peace. Set boundaries with others and even yourself.

If you want to be more active… be more active! Hold yourself accountable. Doesn’t mean you have to rock a six pack of abs… but the movement at all will make you feel grateful. If you want to eat better and cook more… dive into that! Get cookbooks and explore new people to follow online for inspiration. Write.. do whatever the heck it is you are not doing …that you know you want to! Treat others how you want to be treated.

And when you need breaks from it all.. take breaks with pride!!!

& For the love of God, DO NOT let others judgement or mistreatment make you ashamed of anything. You do you boo.

A new year is coming. Take a look at yourself and remember who you are already. Set them free.

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