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Time to talk about our bodies now! I am starting this series where I will discuss my favorite products that are simple and effective. I will post my affiliate links to the pictures below, so that you can enjoy them too! And so that I can continue to talk about these things with you. I will do more on skincare regarding SPFs and such soon. As well as what I use for my hair and even what is good for the insides of ourselves. Lets start with face care basics…

Skin care does not have to break your bank!!!! What you need is effective, hopefully natural, ingredients. Too many chemicals actually irrate your skin further. So having a good regimen, with a few good products, is crucial for healthy skin. I swear by the products below right now. I use others if my skin is needing more( more to come there)..but these are my daily go tos. They are afforable and so so good.

These products all have nearly perfect reviews. Bonus: I always get compliments on how fresh my skin looks and feels when I use them all together.

So, here is what I am currently using..

PYUNKANG YUL Facial Essence Toner

I love this essence toner so much! It is so gentle and nourishing. It doesnt feel like I am striping my skin either. My skin is so soft & clean after I apply this. It tones while giving the skin a nice, hydrated glow. It is so powerful. Major bonus: doubles as a face mask.. apply generously and leave on for 10 minutes. This product stays for me! So.. it may only have 7 ingredients but it is covering toning, mask and essence all in one…and actually works.

Beauty Without Cruelty A.H.A. 3% Facial Cleanser

I am new to this cleanser. I found a sample size and am only a week in. But so far, I am a fan. My face was breaking out from hormonal imbalances and this immediately got to work and calmed my skin down. The AHA in the wash is crucial for promoting collagen production, exfoliating & treats discoloration. So yes, this a an action packed bottle. You get to skip multiple products by having everything already in the wash. And your supporting a great company…so win-win!

SKINFOOD Egg White Pore Mask

This mask is everything! I use this a few times a week. I used to make so many of my own masks in the kitchen..using very messy ingredients. This does all the work for me and then some. I get all the natural benefits of egg whites in a bottle. It does not leave any redness behind or tightness. But your skin will still instantly be glowing and polished. It is a must have. Easy to apply. I apply right after my showers and leave on for ten minutes. It is less harsh than using nose strips and lasts so much longer. Keeping the pores unclogged is the main key to clear skin and this does just that.

SKIN FOOD Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

Ahhh… the lovely sister to the aforementioned product. The main two masks I use now. When I am needing a little extra scrub…this is my girl. It clears out my pores and washes away any extra stuff I do not want left sitting around on my skin. Perfect for when you need a deeper, exfoliating cleanse. I use it after my face wash still. I just scrub it into my skin gently and then let sit for 10 minutes. So shiny after!!

Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch, 60 Patches

Ok… I am in my thirties. I have never been great at sleeping. Working on that…but these little eye patches come in clutch when I need to feel more awake. I use them after the best night of rest even.. to just wake the skin up and give the under eye area a nice boost. It feels so refreshing to wash your face and put these on while waking up and getting ready for the day. Put them in the fridge for an extra boost. I love them. I technically use them backwards, since I feel like I have deeper wrinkles towards the inside of my eye area. Love love love…

Heritage Store Rosewater Vinegar

This bottle does wonder for your hair even. Vinegar does so much for your skin and hair. Makes them so shiny and smooth. The rosewater is so hydrating and smells so good. I use to make my own but this product is just so good. I love the way my hair feels after using this to mist my roots. This is also my favorite way to refresh my face in the afternoon after swimming, work etc…I have seen this little product on many Vogue beauty secrets videos as well. Bonus: this is perfect for a little sunburn on your face too. It heals it right up. It doesnt sting like just raw vinegars do. You might feel it burn a tiny bit if not used to it or used with other harsh chemicals. No redness, just plump-happy skin.

I promise you will not be disappointed in these. I would never promote anything I havent tested or loved. One of my favorite words is “simple”. In a world that constantly has the latest and greatest of everything, it is so important to know yourself and that includes your skin. The beauty industry is loads of fun! But can be overwhelming if you dont know your skin…keep it simple & clean. Have fun when you feel like it 🙂

And drink water….

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